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Sustainable Energy good for real estate values

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Recently, I have been reading new research by the New Climate Economy (Global Commission on Economy and Climate) and during my decade long role as CEO of First National Real Estate, watched the increasing momentum for sustainable energy.

In particular, I am proud that Adelaide is planning to be the world’s first carbon neutral city. As a result of collaboration between town planners, citizens, the corporate sector and law makers, many international cities have adopted clean energy projects.

It should be highlighted that these sustainable energy initiatives undertake reduce their energy costs, improve public health, and help them attract new residents and businesses. These green communities attract residents and this bodes well for real estate values.

It’s a personal interest of mine to encourage the First National Real Estate community to understand that by streamlining the costs of producing green technologies, more houses will come already equipped with these features.

In time, expectations will be such that energy efficient houses will be more highly sought after, thereby rising in value more quickly.

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