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Technology and Smart Homes to Influence Property Value

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According to new research from REA and Origin Energy, 85% of Australians already believe solar panels increase a property’s value more than any other energy efficient feature.

Technology and smart homes are set to influence the future of property values. I predict the popularity and increasing affordability of electric cars will contribute to a strong demand for solar panel generation, driving property marketability and saleability.

Whilst the actual increased value varies according to location and property type, I believe that in a race for buyers between similar priced properties, those with solar panels will always have the most buyer-appeal.

As Australians continue to grapple with rising utility bills and fuel prices technology will have the most significant influence on the value of properties with solar power generation.  The price of an electric car will soon be a more affordable and viable option and the rise of their use will drive demand for solar powered homes because charging at home will be, first and foremost, a much cheaper alternative.

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