Helping the 50 plus demographic with lifestyle decisions

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I am pleased to announce a strategic partnership with WYZA, the socially connected digital discovery media platform for people over 50 years of age.

The over-50 population is a growing force in Australia and the rate of home ownership is higher among this age group than in any other. Today people 50 plus have more active lifestyles, are more affluent and they have plenty of choices open to them.

Downsizing, tree-change, sea-change, multi-generation living, holiday homes, investment properties and lifestyle villages are just some of the many options being considered by Australia’s most affluent demographic segment, if they downsize their homes it is often in size rather than price.

First National is participating in the alliance with WYZA, which aims at demystifying the household challenges and lifestyle decisions that the 50 plus demographic is faced with. is a digital market place for the WYZA generation – people plus 50 years of age. Over 16 million Australians are online each month and the largest component of that audience is the over 50s.

WYZA is a reflection of how the 50-plus demographic lives today and it helps them to work out how they want to live their “tomorrow”. They want to communicate with people over 50 on their terms. It’s an approach that aligns directly with First National’s vision and ‘We put you first’ promise.

The WYZA website has 450,000 unique users and more than a million monthly page views as of January 2016. It brings together information about travel, entertainment, lifestyle, health, finance, property, retirement living and aged care.

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