John Howard OM AC to provide First National Real Estate keynote in Cairns

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I have the pleasure to announce that former Prime Minister John Howard OM AC will deliver the keynote address at the First National Real Estate 2016 National Convention, which will be hosted at the Hilton Cairns this May.

The Convention, which is expected to attract over 400 estate agents from Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, will contribute more than a million dollars to the Cairns and Far North Queensland economy.

With property underpinning Australia’s economy and being responsible for one ninth of our national income, proposals to change negative gearing or other property taxation arrangements are likely to polarise political debate in the lead up to the 2016 federal election.

Matters such as these are of significant concern to the property industry and First National Real Estate’s membership is delighted to have the opportunity to receive former Prime Minister Howard’s insights on the subject.

Mr Howard has expressed concerns about scaling back property investment rules, saying ‘Negative gearing has been around forever… I’d be careful’ on Sky News’ Australian Agenda programme.

In principal, our network shares these concerns.

As our biggest industry in a post-mining boom, property is at the centre of Australia’s economy and employs more than a million workers. Negative gearing has helped countless thousands of Australians get a foot on the property ladder, underpins the supply of affordable rental property, helps mums and dads save for their future, and plays an integral role in sustaining consumer confidence.

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